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THRIVE - Student Support Group

Entirely created, organized, and facilitated by students at Shafter High School, THRIVE is a peer support group that operates in providing assistance in school work, building powerful bonds, and supporting the mental health and emotional needs of their peers.


The Origins of Generals Thrive: In the fall of 2020, student Audrey McPhetridge brought an idea to our PRIDE Tier I Team she felt would benefit other students. She wanted to make a platform for students to talk and reconnect with peers as distance learning had taken a toll on friendships and overall student connection. The PRIDE Tier 1 team uses student voice when making decisions surrounding school climate and culture. Audrey is both a Link Crew member and an active member on the PRIDE Tier 1 team. During that October meeting, General Connection was born and the idea was pushed to the PRIDE Tier 2 Intervention Team as leaders to support and guide our students during these Zoom sessions.


On Friday, November 6, we launched the first General Connection. Students met via Zoom and talked. Many talked about how it was so nice to see their peers on screen. In December of 2020, our PRIDE Tier 2 team heard about THRIVE that Golden Valley HS students had started. Our School Social Worker, Guadalupe Reyes-Garcia asked to learn more and it spiraled into meetings with their administration and ultimately setting a foundation to bring their program THRIVE to Shafter students and phase out the structure of General Connection.


In January 2021, students Yesenia Gil, Jose Magana and Anthony Olivas joined Audrey as THRIVE Leaders and began developing what they wanted the program to look like. They began working with the Leaders from Golden Valley and participating in trainings with our Intervention Team to prep them to be active listeners and to support their peers. Our THRIVE meetings are driven by data gathered from a Google Form that measures the social and emotional needs. This data drives the THRIVE meetings to best support the needs of our students.


Thrive Logo: The Generals Thrive Logo symbolizes peer support through working together. It represents four Leaders and a Guide working together. Their connection creates a star. We are Five Star Generals and together we represent General PRIDE.





Thrive Meetings: Thrive Leaders lead student support meetings every Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 pm via Zoom. Agendas are created through a data driven approach to meet the social and emotional needs of students. Additionally, Thrive Leaders meet every Monday with Thrive Guides (administrators and support staff) to reflect on the week's previous support meeting and action plan to improve for the next one.


Thrive Expectations: Trust, Homely, Respect, Inspire, Valued, Engage (THRIVE)


Thrive Tenants: Student leaders in Thrive (known as Thrive Leaders) are guided by the following tenants: 

  1. Students that learn together will thrive together.
  2. We support each other through success and failures.
  3. We will celebrate one another for their efforts.
  4. No General Left Behind.
  5. We represent General PRIDE.


Thrive Support is Multilingual: Thrive Leaders can provide support in English and Spanish.  


Need Thrive Support? If you are a student and interested in receiving additional support or if you are a parent and feel your student could benefit from peer connectivity, please complete the following link:


Thrive Guides:


Michelle Ragsdale, Dean of Student Services: [email protected]

Anne Dearmore, Intervention Counselor: [email protected]

Guadalupe Reyes-Garcia, School Social Worker: [email protected]

Sabrina Macias, Interventionist: [email protected]

Katie Young, On-Campus Intervention: [email protected]

Valarie Labrentz, Administrative Oversight, Dean of Students