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Principal's Message

May 2019


What a great year! Congratulations to the class of 2019! We all wish you the very best and know you will be successful in whatever endeavor or challenge your future beholds.


This year flew by, and we are already hard at work getting ready for another great school year. Our 8th grade Orientation and Registration was another big hit with our future Generals who were full of excitement, grabbing all of their Shafter gear, meeting with their counselors, coaches, advisors, and teachers, and most importantly getting their schedules ready to start off the year right. Our enrollment projections are positive and we are looking at potentially having nearly 1750 students in 2019-12. The enrollment projections coupled to ongoing additional Kern High support has provided us the opportunity to add additional teachers to the Shafter High faculty.


Our campus continues to maintain its beautiful landscaping, and we are truly fortunate to have the best grounds crew and custodians throughout the County. They take pride in their work and they too work hard to make this campus the best around! We have several summer projects, ongoing construction, and upgrades planned for this summer. Our continued growth and expansion will require us to drop four additional portable classrooms this summer to accommodate both for Shafter High and Central Valley. We have tried to be as creative and forward thinking as the campus expands, so the additional classrooms currently host the Modern Language department and also the entire Intervention, Behavior and Support Programs. The plan was to try and keep programs, departments and CTE pathways as close to each other as possible. Our Patient Care CTE Pathway continues to expand in interest and during the summer we will finalize the construction, which will give Shafter High a modern, state of the art, Kinesiology & Sports Medicine lab. The awning in front of the Starrh Performing Arts Center is currently at the CA State Architect for final approval and plan-check. With the help of local support and general funds, we also have plans to fully renovate the lighting and sound system in the auditorium this summer. We recently added new scoreboards to the New Gym, which also allowed us to upgrade the scoreboards in the Old Gym. Both the JV and Varsity softball diamonds new scoreboards are now installed and look absolutely beautiful! Our historic Home Ec Lounge continues under a full renovation, and our goal is to have it up and going by the start of the 2019-20 school year. Final plans and layout were recently approved and we are so excited to see what the new Shafter High stadium, track, and facilities will look like. We are having updated full color and 3D architectural drawings and renditions prepared, and we have plans to do a full launch and media release at the start of the school year. By that time, we will also have a better understanding of the demolition and construction timelines.


Summer school courses and opportunities also continues to expand. This summer we have over 1100 students enrolled in a summer course. While the 1st semester of summer school is well underway, there may also be room during the last three weeks If you are in need of making up any additional classes, remedial support, or if you are interested in potentially getting ahead in your classes or have an impacted schedule, please see your child’s counselor as soon as possible. The master schedule, instructional blueprint, faculty engagement, professional development, and course offerings continues to get stronger and stronger each year. Students have a wide variety of classes, pathways, and elective to choose from. The counselors are available throughout the summer, and please feel welcome to come in and meet with them anytime. It’s always best to try and have the student’s schedule revised and as perfect as we can get it before the school year starts rather than after. Our counseling and support staff are here to help and support our students.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please let us know if you have any questions or if we can support you in any way. And, as always, remember, Once a General … Always a General!


Thank you, Russell Shipley