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#GeneralPRIDE Lessons

s Shafter High School


Pride Respect Integrity Determination Enthusiasm

At Shafter High School, we are proud to be Generals and believe in #GeneralPRIDE. It is not a program, rather it is an approach for creating a culture on our campus and having an individualized support system for our students. In order for ALL of our SHS students to achieve, we believe that we must help build a student both socially and academically. Two Thursdays a month, ALL Shafter High students receive a short lesson about Pride, Respect, Integrity, Determination, or Enthusiasm. The lessons are designed to be short, meaningful, and continue to encourage students to have #GeneralPRIDE.




Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign September 8th-11th 


September is National Suicide Prevention Week September 6 – 12, 2020, with World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th


National Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign September 15 - October 15

Celebration of The Hispanic Heritage Week

September 21st 

This week we will be showcasing student and staff voices throughout the week, in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Thank you to the students and staff that have participated and shared their love for the Hispanic Culture. 

Here is the link for today's student and staff voice!  


National Hispanic Heritage Month



September 22nd 

Shafter High PRIDE Team is proud to Celebrate and recognize the positive impacts Hispanic Americans have left on our country. Please join me in celebrating some of the students from Shafter High, tell you what they love most about their Hispanic Heritage. 


National Hispanic Heritage Month Part 2


September 23rd 

National Hispanic Heritage traditions have become increasingly popular in regions well outside of Mexico, even inspiring the creation of popular films and other media. And it’s no wonder. These traditions reflect the rich history of the Hispanic Culture and the fun personality of its people so well that it’s easy to fall in love with Hispanic traditions.  

sh National Hispanic Heritage Month Part 3


September 24th 

From tacos and quesadillas to tres leches cake, Hispanic food has become integrated into the cuisine of many Americans. To honor the rich culture and heritage of people from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, and South America, for National Hispanic Heritage Month, today we will highlight some traditional Hispanic foods in celebration of the Hispanic Heritage. 


sh National Hispanic Heritage Month Part 4

September 25th 



  1. Lesson #1: Pride
  2. Lesson #2: Respect 


Bullying Awareness Campaign 

October 12th - 15th 

National Bullying Prevention Month is an annual designation observed in October. It’s always important to talk about the dangers of bullying and the trauma it can bring to its victims, but this month, use your voice to speak up extra loud. 



  1. Lesson #1:  Integrity
  2. Lesson #2:  Determination


National Black It Out Day

November 13th 

Each of us has the power to choose what we give our attention to online. We can all choose to block out the online hatred, trolls and bullying that makes up the culture of cyberbullying. So let’s block the negative messages we each receive from social media, create a safe positive online space, and encourage and empower others to do the same. 



  1. Lesson #1:  Enthusiasm





  1. Lesson #1: Pride 



  1. Lesson #1: Respect 



  1. Lesson #1:  Integrity



  1. Lesson #1: Determination



  • Lesson #1:  Enthusiasm Congratulations on a Great Year!
  • Lesson #2  PRIDE #GeneralPRIDE Day