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wwAt Shafter High School, we are proud to be Generals and believe in #GeneralPRIDE. It is not a program, rather it is an approach for creating a culture on our campus and having an individualized support system for our students. In order for ALL of our SHS students to achieve, we believe that we must help build a student both socially and academically.  


Throughout the 2021-22 school year we saw a huge need to focus on the whole student, socially and academically. We doubled down and supported our students with #generalPRIDE and it didn't go unnoticed. Shafter has achieved the highest commendation and recognition in the state, Platinum. Despite the difficulties of the past few years, Shafter High School continued to strengthen and deepen their systems of support in order to help students in such abnormal circumstances. 


Shafter High participated in an Implementation Guidance Assessment (IGA) that provided further direction for our tiered levels of support. The visiting team that specialize in the systems and approaches of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as well as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) were impressed with Shafter PRIDE and the continual efforts to provide tiered levels of support from Tier I-III. Comments such as this highlight the work that was done by the PRIDE team “Impressive variety of lessons and campaigns including relevant cultural recognition and Mental Health awareness dates, in addition to addressing SEL Competencies and specific student needs.  Wide variety of sources including Canvas, email, You Tube, Social Media--Tik Tok, IG, FB, Twitter, etc. Great Job!”


We look forward to the new school year and our continual efforts to provide support to all our students with Shafter PRIDE and tier levels of support. 



PRIDE in Behavior


A crucial aspect to grow our culture is establishing expectations. These expectations were created with the input of our staff members with the intention of fostering positive behavior at all times. In every classroom at SHS, those expectations are posted for students to follow and provide guidance on how students should behave in the classroom, around campus, and in the community.



PRIDE in Learning


PRIDE Behavior Matrix


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