Library Policies

Library Hours:

The library is open before school, after school, and during both lunches. Changes do occur, so check the library door for signs.

  • Regular Schedule: 7:30am – 3:30pm
  • Delay Schedule: 8:30am – 3:30 pm
  • Activity Schedule: 7:30am – 2:15pm

Loan Periods and Fines:

  • Books: 3 week check-out period with 2 renewals allowed.
  • Magazines: Overnight check-out.
  • Overdue fees for books are 20 cents per school day, with a maximum of $3.00 per book.
  • Overdue magazine fees are $1.00 per school day, with a maximum of $3.00 per magazine.

Library Rules:

  • No food, drinks, or gum are allowed.
  • You must be checking out a book, reading a book, or doing your homework.
  • Please work quietly enough so that others may work, too.
  • You must have your I.D. card to check out a book.
  • All books must be checked out BEFORE the bell rings.
  • Please push in your chair when you leave.

Rules for Computer Use:

When you and your parents signed your AUP, this is what you agreed to:

  • I will use only my own computer log-in and password information—not someone else’s.
  • I will use school computers for schoolwork only—no games, shopping, etc.
  • I will not destroy or alter the data belonging to another student or any other user.
  • I will not vandalize a computer by unplugging or removing cords or other components.
  • I will not try to bypass or evade the district’s Internet filter system.
  • I will use the Internet for research and other educational purposes only.
  • I will not write or allow anyone else to write abusive or bullying comments while on the Internet.
  • I will NOT give out my home address or phone number on the Internet except when filling out the following:
    • College and scholarship applications
    • Registration forms for school activities

Violation of these rules will result in losing your Internet privileges and/or your computer privileges for a period of time, up to and including the remainder of the school year.

Taken from the Student Code of Conduct for the Kern High School District Electronic Community