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#GeneralPRIDE » Julia Garcia

Julia Garcia

juliaName: Ms. Julia Garcia

Years at Shafter High: 11 years and counting
Plans after you retire?: “To travel the world.”
PRIDE Focus: Pride in Community and Traditions
What makes you have #GeneralPRIDE?: Ms. Garcia finds pride in being a good example for everyone to follow. She loves helping students with anything from advice to academics. She says that helping students with their math homework reminds her of when she was a math teacher, and though her new position as the Athletics and Activities Coordinator is very taxing, she enjoys working at the school around all the staff and students.
What does having #GeneralPRIDE mean to you?: “Having #GeneralPRIDE to me means being the best you, on and off-campus, at all times.”
What Shafter students think of Ms. Garcia:
Steven Evangelista, senior, says “Ms. Garcia is very humble and treats everyone very well. She’s very humorous and knows how to make kids laugh. She’s also very hard working and very underrated among staff here at school.”
Eli Gonzales, senior, says “Ms Garcia is a great example of #GeneralPRIDE because everyday she works hard and shows her dedication to making this school a better place for everyone.”

Thank you, Ms. Garcia, for all your hard work and dedication to Shafter High!